Meet Lauren

Lauren Alperstein is a distinguished attorney, community activist and leader, the recipient of many awards and honors for her altruism and service, the wife of an attorney and mother of two.

Lauren is running to become a judge to champion justice for all and ensure everyone is treated fairly, equally, respectfully and compassionately in our courtrooms.

Lauren’s passion for the law and her love of public service comes from her upbringing. She was raised in a family that includes public school teachers and attorneys who defended the underdog, and active community leaders.

Her family instilled in her the values of faith, fairness, compassion and giving back. That is why Lauren has dedicated her legal career to promoting justice and her pro bono work of giving a voice in the courtroom to those who would not otherwise have a voice.

Lauren is a graduate of the University of Florida Levin College of Law and The George Washington University. She lives in Cooper City with her husband, Ian Alperstein, and their two children.

As a successful family attorney, she has helped her clients navigate their way through contentious divorces and difficult child custody cases with care and compassion and with a regard for what is equitable under the law and in the best interests of the child.

Through her involvement with the Florida Bar, she has also worked hard to promote and fight for fair and equitable family law rules, statutes and laws.

As a court appointed guardian ad litem, she regularly represents the needs of children, including heartbreaking cases of child abuse, and taking cases with little or no monetary fees.

Each year, Lauren also represents numerous people at no charge (pro bono), who have experienced hardships and do not have the means to pay an attorney but need legal aid. In 2021, Legal Aid Service of Broward County and Coast to Coast Legal Services recognized Lauren as an invaluable partner and supporter of Legal Aid programs in Broward, helping provide access to legal assistance for some of the most disadvantaged members of the community and awarded her the Attorney of the Year award.

As a community leader, she continually fights for causes she is passionate about including helping domestic violence victims, veterans, promoting children’s literacy and fighting for diversity and equality.

Lauren is an accomplished attorney who works for one of our nation’s most prestigious law firms. She has won numerous awards for her legal and community work from organizations including:

Lauren Alperstein receives the 2021 Attorney of the Year Award from Legal Aid Broward

Let’s work together and help elect Lauren as our next judge. She brings significant life experience, legal expertise, and the character and judgement needed in a judge. Above all, she will promote justice, fairness, and compassion for all.

Please take action today and support Lauren for Judge!